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Warranty & Maintenance


With proper maintenance, your PathoControl System can last a lifetime and we have designed our warranty to help ensure that it does so.

The mechanical and structural parts of your PathoControl System and any labor required to repair or replace them are covered for one year from the date of purchase; the warranty for these parts is renewable — see next section for details. The reactor pads, pre-filter and UV-C lamps must be replaced annually and are considered maintenance items that are not subject to warranty. Customers requiring warranty service should contact us via the form on this page or call our offices at 469-460-6699 during regular business hours.

Renewable Parts Warranty: The mechanical and structural parts of your PathoControl System become eligible for an additional one year warranty renewal when you purchase the Annual Maintenance Bundle for your system before the current warranty year expires. This bundle includes all replacement reactor pads, lamps and pre-filters required for your system to continue working at its best. This warranty may be renewed indefinitely, provided the annual maintenance bundle is purchased prior to the current year’s warranty expiration date.

Our warranty applies only to machines that have been subject to normal use as recommended and not subjected to physical abuse, outdoor exposure or water submersion. This warranty extends only to the original registered purchaser and is not transferable to or renewable by any other party.


Your machine is only as effective as it is maintained to be. PathoControl recommends following these simple steps to keep your air as pure and pathogen-free as possible:

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The PathoControl P150 fits inconspicuously into your room, and it looks good when seen.