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Here are answers to questions that our customers have had. Questions about the effectiveness of our systems are answered in depth on our Efficacy Studies page.

Yes. PathoControl is a Contract Awarded Vendor for TIPS Contract #200604 for Pathogen Remediation Supplies & Services. Watch this video for more information:

The better question might be, “Can PathoControl kill more pathogens than a HEPA filter system?” The answer would be an emphatic, “Yes!” HEPA filters only capture and hold particles. PathoControl Systems kill them. UVC light is deadly to pathogens and there are two redundant UVC light chambers in the P150 system. The pre-filter and reactor pads hold pathogens captive long enough for terminal exposure to the UVC rays inside. The scientific research community calls this “inactivation.” We’re from Texas — we call it killin’. Read a longer comparison to HEPA.