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Better by Design

Much research about UV light’s effectiveness as a germicide has been done over the past several decades. Studies continue to prove its success and usefulness as a pathogen killer. There are a few primary things that set PathoControl apart from other UV technologies.

  1. Photocatalytic oxidation is a proven technology for air purification and disinfection. Proximity UV light alone can be used to kill pathogen cells and microorganisms by damaging cell walls as well as compromising cell DNA. PathoControl systems magnify this bactericidal UVC activity by employing a proprietary Titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst, via unique reactor pads, in-line with the air purifying process.

  2. PathoControl works around the clock—24/7/365. Our machines are engineered for constant use. With only a few steps of regular do-it-yourself maintenance, your PathoControl system can last a lifetime.

  3. Other UV technologies that work only on demand, and they require a room to be vacated by people when the UV lights are pulsed or energized. So what happens when the people (and whatever pathogens they may carry) return to the room?

  4. Some UV systems use UV lamps that generate ozone, which is indeed a powerful oxidant, but also causes respiratory distress when present in sufficient volume to sanitize room air. Once again these systems can be effective, but require people (and the pathogens they may carry) to vacate while the treatment takes place.
  5. Our PathoControl systems produce no ozone; our UVC lights are encased in steel, shrouded from viewing at harmful levels. You can sleep in the same room with a PathoControl system. In fact, we recommend it.
clean modern living room
The PathoControl P150 fits inconspicuously into your room, and it looks good when seen.