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About Us


PathoControl is a licensee of Air Scrubbers International Environmental Technologies, Inc. (ASIET, Inc.) For nearly twenty years, ASIET has been emerging as the clear leader in the manufacture of Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Air Purification Systems.

As the reach of the COVID-19 pandemic increased here in the USA, people began taking a more serious look at their air purification. Demand for PCO systems eclipsed unprecedented highs that approached the limit of manufacturers to produce supply.

During that time Mono-Parts Technology LLC was contacted by ASIET about the possibility of manufacturing anti-microbial cases for the 150CFM ASIET room air purification system. Mono-Parts Technology is a wood products manufacturing company based in the North Texas town of Gunter. Their brands include Wood Cubicles™, StåCraft™ Standing Desks, LimbCraft™ Leg Designs, Vine & Branches Fine Woodworks, The SleighRocker™ Company and now — PathoControl™.

The PathoControl brand is a combination of experience and excellence of two, 20+ year-old enterprises; they bring to market a timely, necessary, highly-functional and well-crafted solution to indoor air quality.

In all of its enterprises, Mono-Parts Technology strives to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and integrity. That standard is espoused by CEO, Danny Jackson, as his personal life’s mission: “Make God Look Good.” He describes it as his 4-word battle plan.

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Your system is only as effective as it is maintained to be. PathoControl recommends following these simple steps to keep your air as pure and pathogen-free as possible:

Danny Jackson, CEO of PathoControl
Danny Jackson, CEO of PathoControl