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Patho Control is perfect for medical offices




wood cubicles in an office environmentPathoControl P150 in spring green color




The PathoControl P150 System

Safely remove viruses, pathogens, bacteria, mold, allergens, and more from your home or office environment.

Serious operation. Designer style.

PathoControl Air Restoration Systems bring industrial-strength air purification to your environment, neutralizing 99.9+% of the pathogens from the air they treat. Our systems are powered by ASIET Inc., innovators in environmental technologies for over 20 years.


Scientific studies demonstrate the positive efficacy of the air purifying technologies used within all PathoControl systems. These effective processes are now synthesized into a manageable, attainable product built for your home or office.

Our systems use controlled UVC light and Photocatalytic oxidation to kill a broad spectrum of dangerous pathogens. Our systems effectively kill 99.9+% of bacteria and viruses; including pathogens like Coronaviruses, Norovirus, influenza, MRSA, E. coli, C. diff, Anthrax, Ricin, and Salmonella. Efficacy studies have proven the methods we use in our systems.

We provide cost-effective solutions for purifying the air in your buildings.

PathoControl Air Restoration Systems each come with an attractive case constructed of multi-ply birch material with an anti-microbial surface—nice to look at and easy to clean. 15 colors are available to compliment your space.

our available colors

4-stage restoration

Patho Control Environmental Purifier 1500 stages illustrated

PathoControl Air Restoration Systems impose a photocatalytic oxidation process within multiple chambers which house 254 nm UVC lamps and reactor pads impregnated with our proprietary TiO2-based solution.

Our systems draw airborne pathogens into an enclosed, redundant, hostile environment; the air is retained long enough for 99.9+% of harmful particles to be killed. Newly restored air is released into the room for you and those around you to breathe freely. No harmful ozone is produced in this process.

PathoControl P150 SYSTEM
Monthly payment options available at checkout.

The PathoControl P150 features 150 cfm of air movement, attractive anti-microbial case (16″ x 16″ x 8-1/2″), standard 120v plug, includes your choice of one of 15 case colors, and can be oriented vertically or horizontally. The system operates at a nominal noise level of -55 dB at a frequency of 157 Hz. One Year Warranty for parts & labor, with renewable parts warranty available.

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"(We evaluated) the efficacy of the unit to kill selected bacteria. In the results that are provided in this letter, all experiments used E. coli as the test bacterium. (Our experiments) demonstrate that the exposure of the TiO2 filter to UV was able to kill growing E. coli cells with maximum kill after 60 minute exposure."
—Dr. John C. Zak
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY Department of Biological Sciences
"In the period of approximately four weeks between October and November of this year, our facility had four patients return from the hospital with active MRSA wound cultures. All patients were on antibiotics, however, the MRSA was resolved within 6 days in each case. In our experience, a patient diagnosed with MRSA usually is asymptomatic within 2-3 weeks at a minimum employing antibiotic treatment and universal precautions alone. The only difference in treatment modality was the fact that we used (the) device in each patients' room, which I believe was the only factor responsible for each infection resolution."
—Mark Slaughter
B.S., M.S., Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator
"The (school) HVAC system was running at 50% capacity, so air quality could potentially be a problem. We installed the units, and after three days, the spore removal rate was 95.6%; after being in operation a full week, the removal rate was 98.6%."
—Dan Bridgforth
Safety Compliance Director, Oklahoma City Public Schools